Show Jumping

The first show jumping competition started in Dublin in 1865 and enjoyed a high level and excellent attendance. Then show jumping competitions were organized as part of the Olympic Games in 1900 in Paris. This sport found an additional impetus at the opening of the World Horse Show at the London Olympics in 1907.

The history of show jumping in the Kingdom:
Show jumping was not among the popular equestrian activities such as horse racing, Arabian horses show, and endurance. But interest in the sport of show jumping began to grow over the years, and special events began to be held in some of the oldest clubs in the Kingdom with the cooperation of this sports fans from Saudis and expats until this interest was crystallized in the formation of the Saudi Equestrian Federation in 1410.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a distinguished history in endurance competitions in the Middle East, where the first championship for this sport was held in the Kingdom in 1992.

The sport of endurance is one of the sports approved under the umbrella of the International Equestrian Federation, where its competitions test the ability of the horse and the rider to withstand long-distance races according to specific laws. The distances of its races range between 40 and 240 km, divided into several stages and different classifications according to distances.

Equestrian Archery

Equestrian archery sport has an extensive historical depth, as it has been one of the most prominent military skills throughout history. In the modern era, it has turned into a sport that has begun to expand its spread globally. This sport has found a fan base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so the Saudi Equestrian Federation decided to adopt it within its sports in 2020. Horseback archery has a highly competitive value, and its riders possess basic equestrian skills. In addition to the archery skill, its competitions usually depend on rhythm and balance, and excellence in its performance requires riders to coordinate movement flexibly and accurately.

Tent Pegging

An Arab and one of the most prominent equestrian sports in the world. In 2014, the Saudi Equestrian Federation joined the International Tent Pegging Federation. This sport is fun and depends on strength, courage, and speed in the running. It has established itself as a great place among the various horse sports in local and international tournaments. The Tent Pegging sport is also a horse sport compatible with the Ardhah horses (a traditional horse sport), as the riders of this sport can easily practice it. It is a sport that does not require the weight of the rider, and the rider uses the skills of using the sword and spear on horseback.

The Saudi Equestrian Federation seeks to develop this sport and spread it to the largest segment of the Kingdom. To achieve future ambitions for the development of this sport by exploiting all the resources and means available locally and internationally to achieve by organizing local and international championships and establishing training courses for practitioners and referees Tent Pegging.


The history of Dressage dates back to Classical Greek Horsemanship. The Greek Military trained their horses to perform movements intended for wars, as it was the only way to survive battles. These training evolved and produced training systems that are the foundations of Modern sport dressage.

The first Olympic dressage Competition was introduced in 1912 in Stockholm. In 1996 during the Atlanta Games, music was added to the free dressage competition, which resulted in great enthusiasm and success. Dressage is the ultimate expression of training and elegance. It embodies a connection between athlete and horse, resulting in an artistic expression often compared to dancing with horses.

The dressage Competitions consist of various levels where the rider and horse perform in a rectangular arena 60 meters long and 20 meters wide. They ride a series of predetermined or free steps in which the rider and his horse follow some movements with and without the rhythm of the music. These movements are performed in a specified place at a required speed which they are judged and scored by a group of Dressage judges.

The Saudi Equestrian Federation launched the Dressage Talent Identification Program, the first program in Saudi Arabia in the Dressage discipline, with 40 participants and more than 30 hours of training. Saudi Equestrian Federation seeks to expand this sport, support Saudi talents, and establish many programs and courses during the coming period, especially after the Kingdom obtains hosting the World Cup for show jumping and Dressage next year, 2024.

Equestrian Tourism

Equestrian tourism activity consists of organized horse-riding trips, ranging from hours to days. Organized by specialized equestrian tourism centers, an equestrian club, or an academy, this activity contributes to exploring the beauty of Saudi Arabia's landscape, heritage, and tourism on horseback. In addition to being an enjoyable activity for all, whether beginners or experienced riders.

Equestrian tourism objectives:
Starting the activities of equestrian tourism in Saudi Arabia in line with Vision 2030's objectives to increase the participation of tourism in the overall economy will enhance the global presence of Saudi Arabia through:

  • Create unique equestrian tourism experiences in historical and archaeological sites.
  • Adding equestrian activities to the events calendar for the Saudi seasons and attracting visitors on a local and international scale.
  • Major development projects in Saudi Arabia include equestrian activities in their master plans.